From the PhD or LMEC programs at the University of Bologna

Francesco Amodio
"The teachers' quality decline"

Francesco Manaresi
" Essays in Applied Microeconometrics "

Viki Nellas
" Job polarization, Immigration and worker's intrinsic motivation: three essays in labor economics "

Elisabetta Olivieri
"Three essays in Labor Economics"

Tommaso Reggiani
" Essays in behavioural labor economics"

Alessandro Saia
" Choosing the Open sea: The cost to the UK of staying out of the Euro"

Enrico Cantoni
" Essays in empirical political economy"

From the the PhD program of the European University Institute

Gabriel Facchini
"Health economics".

Omar Bamieh
"Labor economics".

Andreu Arenas
"Applied political economy".

Livio Romano
"Family firms and the labor market".

Christoph Basten
"Four essays in applied economics".

Sascha Becker
"Education and the Labor Market in Germany and Italy".

Fabian Bornhorst
"Experimental Methods and Simulation Techniques".

Silvia Condouto de Sousa
"Femal Labor Market Participation. Towards Solving the Portuguese Puzzle."

Decio Coviello 
"Determinants of the length of Civil Trials in Italy ".

Antonio Filippin 
"Discrimination and Workers' Expectations".

Stefano Gagliarducci
"Welfare and Transition Patterns in Temporary Employment"

Alexander Muravyev 
"Human Capital Externalities in Russia".

Tommaso Nannicini 
"Temporary Work". (Tommaso's 

Tuomas Pekkarinen 
"Job Complexity and Wages"

Ana Sanz de Galeano 
"Gender Differences in Job Satisfaction"

Marcello Sartarelli
"Evaluation of the Performance of Academic Institutions "

Guido Schwerdt 
"The cost of Job Loss"

Frank Siebern
"Contributions to the Econometric Analysis of Labour Markets in Transition"

Joao Silva 
"Local Knowledge Spillovers: Evidence from Portugal"

"Entrepreneurial Choice"

Asuncion Soro Bonmati
"Labour Market Transitions of Young Workers: A Comparison of the German and Italian Cases". 

Konstantinos Tatsiramos
"The Effect of Unemployment Insurance and Aging on Residential Mobility and Labor Market Dynamics".

Jarkko Turunen
"Unemployment and Labor Market Policy in Transition"

Daniela Vuri 
"Fertility and Divorce"

Agnieszka Wysokinska 
"Does history Matter? The role of culture in long term developmentt"

Anzelika Zaiceva 
"Migration Pressure and EU Enlargement"