From the PhD or LMEC programs at the University of Bologna

From the the PhD program of the European University Institute

  • Gabriel Facchini
    “Health economics”.
  • Omar Bamieh
    “Labor economics”.
  • Andreu Arenas
    “Applied political economy”.
  • Livio Romano
    “Family firms and the labor market”.
  • Christoph Basten
    “Four essays in applied economics”.
  • Sascha Becker
    “Education and the Labor Market in Germany and Italy”.
  • Fabian Bornhorst
    “Experimental Methods and Simulation Techniques”.
  • Silvia Condouto de Sousa
    “Femal Labor Market Participation. Towards Solving the Portuguese Puzzle.”
  • Decio Coviello 
    “Determinants of the length of Civil Trials in Italy “.
  • Antonio Filippin 
    “Discrimination and Workers’ Expectations”.
  • Stefano Gagliarducci
    “Welfare and Transition Patterns in Temporary Employment”
  • Alexander Muravyev 
    “Human Capital Externalities in Russia”.
  • Tommaso Nannicini 
    “Temporary Work”. (Tommaso’s 
  • Tuomas Pekkarinen 
    “Job Complexity and Wages”
  • Ana Sanz de Galeano 
    “Gender Differences in Job Satisfaction”
  • Marcello Sartarelli
    “Evaluation of the Performance of Academic Institutions “
  • Guido Schwerdt 
    “The cost of Job Loss”
  • Frank Siebern
    “Contributions to the Econometric Analysis of Labour Markets in Transition”
  • Joao Silva 
    “Local Knowledge Spillovers: Evidence from Portugal”
  • Olmo Silva 
    “Entrepreneurial Choice”
  • Asuncion Soro Bonmati
    “Labour Market Transitions of Young Workers: A Comparison of the German and Italian Cases”. 
  • Konstantinos Tatsiramos
    “The Effect of Unemployment Insurance and Aging on Residential Mobility and Labor Market Dynamics”.
  • Jarkko Turunen
    “Unemployment and Labor Market Policy in Transition”
  • Daniela Vuri 
    “Fertility and Divorce”
  • Agnieszka Wysokinska 
    “Does history Matter? The role of culture in long term developmentt”
  • Anzelika Zaiceva 
    “Migration Pressure and EU Enlargement”