Research in progress

Civicness Drain
with Marco Casari, Moti Michaeli, Maria De Paola and Vincenzo Scoppa, 2019 (Online Appendix)

Economic incentives, home production and gender identity norms, 
with Barbara Petrongolo, Peter Skogman-Thoursie and Martin Olsson, 2019. Here are blogs about this paper: LSE Business Review;; .

Wage equalization and regional misallocation: evidence from Italian and German provinces
with Tito Boeri, Enrico Moretti and Johanna Posch, 2019
Here are articles citing this paper that appeared on The Economist, on La Voce, on The Continental Telegraph  , on Bloomberg and on Il Foglio. Here the documentation of the AREL seminar, June 2019.


On the perils of normalizing-and-pooling in RD designs
with Margherita Fort and Giulio Zanella, 2019

The economics and genetics of sorting into higher education
with Aldo Rustichini and Giulio Zanella, 2018

Firing costs, employment and misallocation. Evidence from randomly assigned judges 
with Omar Bamieh, Decio Coviello and Nicola Persico, 2018