Scientific Publications

  • The inefficiency of worker time use 
    with Decio Coviello and Nicola Persico. Journal of the European Economic Association, 2015 
    (see the Online Appendix and a previous version of the paper in which the econometric analysis was based on the estimation of the conditional expectation function of the duration of cases instead of on the estimation of a Cox Proportional hazard model, as in the most recent version)
  • Giudici in Affanno  
    with Decio Coviello and Nicola Persico. Annuario di diritto comparato e studi legislativi, 2012.
  • Estimation of Average Treatment Effects Based on Propensity Scores 
    with Sascha Becker. The Stata Journal , 2 (4), 358-377, 2002.
    This paper documents the “Stata programs for ATT estimation based on propensity score matching” written by Sascha O. Becker and myself.   These programs may be used and distributed free of charge by anyone if credit is given. They have been tested fairly well but they come with no guarantee and the authors assume no liability for their use or misuse.  To download the programs, within Stata, you can type -net search propensity score- and follow the link. A second option is to download the *.ado, the *.hlp files and the working paper version of the SJ paper in a single .zip file here.